3Mind Blight Music
DeadEyeChokeHold -Revenant (Instrumental)
D.E.C.H-Revenant ( Halloween Demo)
3Mind Blight - Hard To Think About (DEMO)
3Mind Blight - 1 Hell of a Night
DeadEyeChokeHold - Reaper(DEMO)
Joyous Impressionism
DeadEyeChokeHold - See Yourself
At Home(DEMO)
Under Control ( Rock Instrumental)
3Mind Blight Music - Rock/Rap/Instrumentals. Three styles
Hailing from Tulsa Oklahoma, with humble beginnings in the late 90's, with Boom Bap Rap and the Grunge Rock scene. After leading several bands and many production teams, what started as a hobby has lead to a full time music career in production, instrumentation, and artistry.
3mind Blight and DeadEyeChokeHold appear courtesy of 3MIND BLIGHT MUSIC Label. Can be found in all stores and streaming platforms.
New Song Released. Make This Right. You can find it everywhere.